Kevan Casey

Kevan Casey is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and business owner with a longtime passion for poker.

kevancasey-headshotKevan Casey began playing poker for fun amongst friends. As he was cementing his reputation in the oil and gas community, he joined some friends in the industry for a good time. He quickly found he possessed a natural aptitude for poker, even at higher stakes, which catered to both his competitive nature and love for the mental aspect of the game.  Kevan has since participated in the World Series of Poker on an annual basis and has placed 8th in the LA Poker Classic.

Born and raised in the Houston metropolitan area, Kevan Casey began his career by joining the family business. He entered the firm at the bottom, starting with shipping and receiving at the warehouse and working his way up until he eventually earned his place among the executive leadership.

These years proved highly formative, as Kevan accumulated a wide variety of positive and informative experiences. Working under a diverse array of management styles, he shaped his own uniquely productive, collaborative, and respectful approach to leadership. Kevan believes deeply that companies are built by teams, not individuals. Further, all stakeholders – no matter what their titles might be – deserve a chance to be heard and contribute. After years of hard work, the family was soon pulling in more than $35 million in revenue annually.

After the family agreed to sell the firm, Kevan Casey launched his own tech company in 1998, which was purchased just one year later. This was the first of a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures which persisted into the new millennium. Beginning in the early 2000’s, Kevan began investing an increasingly larger share of his time and resource into oil and gas assets. Most recently, he has established himself in the self-storage industry.

Why You Should Take Breaks When Playing Poker

It’s easy to lose track of time when invested in a high-stakes game of poker. Players tend to sit for hours at a time when deeply focused with little to no breaks in between. Though it’s something that may not be considered, your physical health can play a...

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The Differences Between Live and Online Poker

Online poker and poker have quite a few things in common. They’re the same basic game, after all, and people who play one often enjoy playing the other. The two versions of the game do have some very real differences, though, some of which are better for players than others. Before you start playing online, it’s a good idea to stop and think about how those differences might benefit your style of play. These differences range from speed of play to how pay-outs work, with each carrying a series of pros and cons that should be considered by players of all skill levels.

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How to Not Show Your Tells

One of the most important skills as a poker player is not only being able to read your opponents, but to prevent them from being able to read you. Certain players may be easy to read. For example, a less experienced opponent may smirk or adjust his seat when he has a...

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The Lesser Known Game of Badugi

There are hundreds of variants of poker for those looking to play something new, and the game of Badugi is perhaps one of the more unknown, yet enjoyable choices. Played with four-card hands, the objective of Badugi is to have the lowest set of cards with no two cards...

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Artificial Intelligence in Poker

Recently, researchers have developed an artificially intelligent poker playing system called DeepStack. This technological wonder has since become the first algorithm to have ever beaten professionals in poker, playing heads-up no-limit Texas Holdem. Though this may...

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Seven-Card Stud: An Introduction

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Strategies in Texas Holdem

Developing a working poker strategy takes time, and with that, skill. There are several factors that need to be considered in this process, including things like the players themselves, odds, and even table position. In Texas Holdem, all of these apply. Due to the...

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The Best Poker Cities in the World

With the ever growing popularity of poker, and a recent surge in views of the televised World Series of Poker, it’s no wonder that several countries around the world cash in on this game of skill. If a vacation is in your near future, and keeping your poker skills...

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As a longtime business leader, Kevan Casey brings a sharp skillset to all of his work. A firm believer in the importance of innovation, Kevan routinely eschews the status quo in favor of finding creative or unexpected solutions to highly complex problems. Kevan enjoys pushing the limits and thinking outside of the box in his constant effort to push himself and the companies or organizations around him forward. An engaging and enthusiastic presence, Kevan finds that a positive mindset allows one to achieve so much more than what might have previously been expected.

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